Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Series Part Two: Societal Improvement

Introducing...Part Two!  I felt that last year, while it was great to have my goals centered around devloping personal habits, I wanted to include some selflessness in my 2014.

*Short background on "co-curricular hours": My sorority, Sigma Kappa, supports multiple philanthropies, most notably, Alzheimer's research and finding a cure.  Throughout the year, we do events to raise money and awareness for this and other great causes (like Sigma Royale, which will be happening again this coming Fall!).  We also have a requirement of volunteer hours outside of house events, to encourage our sisters to go that extra mile and really become involved in our community.  I think that this system works great, and many women end up volunteering extra anyways!  So this year, I will be trying to do even more things outside of the (wonderful) opportunities afforded me by my house, in the spirit of giving.

Since I'm a super busy person, I'm starting with three things:

-Volunteer beyond co-curricular hour requirement (it's not hard to find opportunities-I volunteered at the on-campus food pantry at the beginning of the year, and they always have projects going on and a need for volunteers)

-Do random acts of kindness for strangers and friends (I’m creating a popsicle-stick jar of ideas!)

-Become an advocate for a good cause

We (by "we," I mean my mom) adopted two chihuahuas in the last year.  I say my mom, because she got both of them while I was gone (the first one, while I was on the East coast, the second shortly after I left for school).  She got them from a local rescue called Wiggly Tails, run by a woman named Pam.  She takes in small dogs (usually under 15 lbs), some from local shelters, but many from high-kill shelters in LA (both of ours were from LA!).  She fosters them out to good homes, until the family decides to either adopt the dog or another family adopts it.  There are always adorable dogs up for adoption, and while there is a small fee associated with adoption (supports the rescue mission!), it is totally worth it.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a dog person (very much a cat person, thank you!), and I love both of our chihuahuas.

DISCLAIMER (pt 2): Pam didn't ask me to advertise for her or anything like that, I just support her cause and thought a little PR was due (I'm sure she wouldn't mind).

Here are two pictures of our second dog, Petey:

Anyway, that's my two cents about dog adoption.  I've heard a lot of stories lately about people paying hundreds of dollars for dogs, and I can't believe it.  Adopted dogs are the best, and they're much cheaper! :)  In my mission to become an advocate for a good cause, this may not be the one I choose (since I'm already an advocate!), but it will continue to be something I fully support.  Go adopt a dog!  Wiggly Tails is on Facebook and that's where most of the dogs are posted and info about them, plus it's easy to contact Pam if you like one!

~From Lily With Love~

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