Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Series Part One: Self-Improvement

Welcome to the first part of my New Year's Series! 

This year, I decided to structure my goals and challenges for myself slightly differently.  Last year, I had one goal for each month, since it supposedly takes about 30 days to form a habit.  However, I failed to account for some obstacles (travel, school, etc), and those obstacles made it hard to reach those goals.  There are also a lot more things I want to try and improve about myself this year, and I had so many that I had to categorize them...I'm off topic.

I chose 5 habits I want to incorporate more fully into my everyday life, and 3 or so ways to do that.  So...

-Be more grateful
-Say “thank you” to one person every day for something they do
-Write down things I’m thankful for
-Send thank-you notes

-Take care of myself more
-Be more proactive (assignments, projects, etc)/cut down on procrastination
-Establish a sleep schedule
-Take “me” days

-Try new things
-Try 1 new food/week
-Go to shows, clubs, etc. that I normally wouldn’t
-Explore my new city
-Spend quality time with one person I don’t know very well once a month

-Get back into yoga
-Look into NIA/cardio dance classes or do them on my own
-Find a workout buddy and hit the gym (after January is over!)
This cat is even doing it:

Also, regardless of cat-person or dog-person status, this video of a French guy doing yoga with his chihuahua is adorable:

-Be more present
-Spend less time on social media (1 month challenge)
-Take walks with no music/distractions

-People-watch in the quad/MU

~From Lily With Love~

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