Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year's Series Part Five: Challenges and Miscellaneous Goals

Aha.  The end of the New Year's posts.

So since my 2013 Challenges (here and here) were only like 40% successful, there are still goals left over from last year. Just because I didn't accomplish them doesn't mean I don't want to try again!  Some of them (like the yoga and reading challenges) have been modified and rolled into this year's stuff.  But some of them haven't.

Here's the checklist of 2013 Challenges:

January: No makeup
April: No coffee
August: Take vitamins every day (this didn't actually happen until October...but still, I did it!)
September: No lying (wasn't official until October either, but it happened!)

February: Yoga 2x/wk
March: Read 15 min/day
May: No processed sugar
June: Watch less TV
July: Learn to cook for myself
October: Exercise 2x/wk (HAHA)
November: Do something creative every day (Ain't nobody got time fo dat!)
December: Learn something new every week

Summary: I suck.  Just kidding.  Life just got in the way (but not in a bad way!).  I was travelling, or busy, or whatever.

I'm considering Feb, March, Oct, and Nov challenges to have been already rolled in with other 2014 goals, so I won't worry about those.  But I am definitely going to do May, June, July, and December's challenges.  I think I will just wait until it seems like a good month with minimal obstacles, and just go for it.

On to the new, shiny, 2014 stuff.  The FUN stuff.

-Write and send letters.  Preferably by owl.

-Follow through

-Give to others

-Do my gift idea.  I suck at giving gifts.  Somehow I never know what people want or need, and they rarely tell you point-blank.  So I have a simple idea to help myself with that!  But it's a secret.

-Fold ALL of my laundry when it comes out!!  My mom and roommate can testify that folding laundry is one of my most hated activities.  I love doing laundry- sorting it, putting it in, whatever, because that's easy.  But I HATE HATE HATE folding it.

-Role models- I have this idea that I want to feature an inspiring role model every month.  Usually they will be celebrities, famous people, politicians, humanitarians, etc. because they are highly visible, and it's easy to find information about them.

-Mood boards- I've heard of mood boards for a long time, like before Pinterest (gasp!), but never really known what to look for.  Most of the ones I've seen pertain to interior decorating or particular rooms of the house or whatnot.  But I stumbled upon this mood board for January, and it has all kind of cool things I love on it- color palettes, frothy beverages, warm clothes.  And it's a nice way to put together things that are currently inspiring you in one place.  I'm planning to make an effort to put together a few of my own, and maybe do a monthly "favorites" list (pretty common on a lot of blogs).

-Scrapbooking.  But not in the traditional sense.  More like travel journaling.  Without the journaling.  I have a big blank sketchbook that I bought a couple years ago for "photojournaling," which I never did because our printer never has ink and I don't want to pay to have a million photos printed.  And I just don't have the time.  Instead, I think I'm going to use the book as a sort of informal scrapbook.  I have tons of paraphernalia from my trips to Japan and Thailand, as well as my East coast history trip stuff.  I might do a section for each trip.   

-Memory jar- I'm making a point of writing down one thing that made me smile or that I accomplished or appreciated, to be read out loud next year on NYE.

-KEEP TRACK OF MY GOALS.  I definitely don't need to lose weight, but I love this concept of keeping your goals visible.  Part of the reason I have trouble accomplishing goals is because I forget that I have them!  If I can keep goals and challenges in sight constantly, I won't forget or slack on them (theoretically speaking, that is).  Like "days I've done X in a row" or "X many (blank) to go!" etc.

So there's my year's worth of goals and hopes.  I'm aiming to make this year a bit more successful than last year, but it was a good start!  Leggo.

~From Lily With Love~

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