Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Challenges: Part Two

Part Two!  Let's go!

July: Learn how to cook for myself.  I'll be heading off to college soon and my cooking skills are pretty much limited to vegetable prep and toast-making.  And sometimes I burn the toast.  So I think I'll aim for...7 easy/quick, healthy meals to learn how to make, enough for a week's worth of meals.  An learn how to grocery shop without bringing home tons of food I don't need.  Reward: Buying a college cookbook (The Dorm Room Diet by Daphne Oz is probably where I'll start).  FOOD.

I would eat that.

August: Take vitamins.  All day, erry day.  I'll need that strong immune system when I hit college- my immune system is weak enough since I quit playing soccer.  And I would prefer to not spend my entire first year SICK.  Reward: I'm thinkin' a nice big scoopy of coffee almond fudge ice cream.

Handy little chart :)

September: No lying.  Of course, honesty is always the best policy (cliche, but true), but it's impossible to be 100% honest 100% of the time.  I find myself telling little white lies that are 99% harmless, but I hate the habit of doing that.  I'll be meeting tons of new people during my first month as a college girl, and I REFUSE to misrepresent myself.  Now is the time for being up-front, genuinely getting to know other people.  It can be all too easy to reinvent my past how I want it to be, instead of how it actually is.  NO LYING.  Or leaving out details, or waiting to tell people things, or making excuses.  They all fall in the same general category.  Reward: Hmm...Not sure about this one...Lie to five people?  I'll think of something...

October: Exercise at least twice a week!  The rec center at school is linked up to the power supply, so all the energy generated by working out gets turned into electricity throughout the school.  Pretty cool, no?  Three cheers for engineering.  As mentioned in Part One, I desperately need to get back into some sort of exercise plan.  Hopefully free membership, walking distance to the gym, the cool power thing, and the need to boost my immune syste, will motivate me to follow through with this.  Not to mention, I'd love to have that nice toned booty back.  It left and I'm sad now.  Reward: A lazy, stress-free, at-home spa treatment weekend.

November: Do something creative every day.  I'll be skint (British talk for "flat broke") by the time the holidays roll around, and handmade gifts are more personal anyways, right?  So I'm trying to find something creative to do every day (Pinterest, holla!), and hopefully I'll end up with some fab gifts and not be forcd to spend all the millions of dollars I don't have.  Reward: buy myself something crafty!

(Click the picture to check out this website- it has some pretty cool ideas!)

December: Learn something new every week.  There are so many skills that people should know (how to change your oil/flat tire, how to build a fire, how to administer CPR/Heimlich maneuver, throw a punch/defend yourself, swim, parallel park, etc.).  By the start of the new year, I would like to have mastered (or at the very least, learned the basics) a minimum of one new thing every week.  Independence is key, and knowing how to do stuff like this will definitely be useful at some point in my life! Reward: Probably buying myself something for my dorm!

So that's the plan!  I'll continue to post updates on progress, which goals are coming up/completed/how I did.  This is going to be hard!  And fun :)
Happy 2013!
~From Lily With Love~


  1. Wonderful goals! If we do end up rooming together, I would love to join the project. Having someone else to motivate me would really do wonders ~ I tend to procrastinate quite dreadfully at times.
    ~ Lara Chodelski

    *dont worry, i'm not stalking you :) I saw your post from FB and followed it here*

    1. Stalkers are perfectly welcome, provided that they're friendly, and preferably resemble Luna Lovegood (both of which you have down pat!). And yes! You're invited to join the party! The more the merrier :)