Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Challenges: Part One

So this happened.
I've been thinking that while my list is great, I might want a slightly more focused, throughout-the-year type of something for New Year's.  I read somewhere that it takes 30 days to form a habit, so I've decided to set 12 month-long challenges for myself over the course of the new year.  By the end of the year, hopefully I will have 12 new habits!

Most of these are health-and-wellness-y things, since I've got the accomplishents covered on the list...

January: NO MAKEUP.  Seriously.  I've gone for a week without makeup before, and boy, was that tough.  I almost always feel prettier and better when I have makeup on, but it's SO bad for you!  And I have extremely sensitive skin, which makeup can quickly upset.

Even the stuff labeled "oil-free" and "non-comedogenic" has chemicals in it and blocks your skin from breathing.  If I make it all the way to February, I'm treating myself to a facial.

February: Do yoga at least twice a week.  I used to do it every couple days, and it was great.  I've just been so busy...Still. No more excuses! I'm vowing to devote at least an hour twice a week to practicing.  I desperately need to get myself back into some sort of exercise program, and this seems like the perfect place to start.  I even have my own mat and blocks...Why am I not doing this?

Oh, right, because I can't even touch my toes.  Gawd I need to do yoga!  If I make it all the way to March, I'm treating myself to a massage.

March: Read for at least 15 minutes every day.  Reading is so good for your brain!  I used to read all the time, but just can't seem to find the time anymore.  Nevertheless, I am making it a goal to read, read, read!  There are so many amazing books waiting to be read, both in the world and on my personal reading list.  Also, reading all of the Shakespeare plays is on my list, so there's that.

If I make it all the way to April, I'm treating myself to three new books (I'll probably buy them used from Smith's, actually, since I'm fairly broke).

April: No coffee...Boo :( It has its benefits, but I need to be able to get through my finals and AP exams without withdrawals.  I only ever drink house coffee, none of that blended business (anymore), so at least the sugar's down.  But I would like to not start college with a caffeine addiction (although I'm sure I will relapse at some point).  However, if I somehow manage to survive all the way to May, I' definitely treating myself to a nice, hot cup of joe.  So I don't die.

Because who doesn't love a monkey in their coffee?

May: No processed sugar.  Yes, I realize that it's unrealistic to cut out ALL processed sugar, but I can definitely stop eating cookies every time I pass the tray at work.  And stop snacking on sugary or starchy things.  This one is going to be hard...But if I make it ALL THE WAY to June, I'm treating myself to something delicious from somewhere that makes delicious things.  More of this!

June: Watch less TV.  I watch way too much TV.  Summer is going to be on the rise, and I don't want to miss out on the beautiful weather.  Hopefully I'll be getting some travelling done (Cali, Seattle).  I really need to stop rationalizing: "I'll just watch one or two episodes," "I'll just put Friends on while I fold laundry."  I end up sprawled on the couch for hours watching entires seasons at a time, when I should be outside, socializing, or working on goals.

Part Two coming later today/tomorrow (it's 1 AM...)!

~From Lily With Love~

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