Thursday, August 29, 2013

To Quote Marilyn

"You're always wishing and wanting for something
When you get what you want, you don't want what you get"
~Marilyn Monroe
(Sidenote: I've recently (as in yesterday) become quite reinterested in MM...I'll be doing some inspirational digging and possibly a post on her.  Sidenote over.)
This is pretty much my problem with the seasons.  In the dead of winter, I start pining for spring sunshine and flowers.  Then, when spring sunshine isn't warm enough and I realize that Oregon springs=more rain, I start wishing for long days and warm nights and 85 degree weather.  And around the middle-to-end of August, I start wanting the cool days of fall, with the burning reds and oranges everywhere in the trees and the crunchy leaves on the ground.  Even if they're only crunchy for a day, until it rains again.  I'm never really eager for winter, though..Hmm.  I do like power outages, though.  Probably because I have a wood stove, not electric heat. And storms.  Anyhow.
This is what I'm waiting for:

Beautiful colors, especially on an old brick college campus covered with trees.

Really, though, who looks this fab before (or after!) going to bed???

Let's be honest. I need these.  Right now.
Fall is by far my favorite season for fashion.  It's comfortable and adorable and beautiful and creative and colorful and I'll stop now.

Making my dorm room cozy and stylish and fun.

I'm even ready for this^^  I love school.  Don't judge.

Beautiful quotes about beautiful autumn! I may need to make some posters of these...They're just too perfect.  God, I adore this season!
And, of course, more of this:
It's basically food porn.  Or tea porn.  Or coffee porn.  Or hot chocolate porn.  The jury's still out.
Until the leaves turn, I'll just have to lust after the photos on my Pinterest board.  Sigh.
~From Lily With Love~

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