Monday, December 31, 2012

2013, the Year of Lily

It's New Year's Eve!  Hooray!  As promised, here is my list of goals, accomplishments, resolutions, etc... :)




Sleep under the stars
Watch a meteor shower
Kiss at midnight on NYE
Lay a wreath on George Washington’s grave
Senior Skip Day with Jess
Graduation!  Grad party?
18th birthday party!
Have a first-night, Gilmore Girls-style floormate bonding thing


Apply to OSU
Get accepted into UHC
Survive my first term!
Pay for college- scholarships!!
Get trained as a server
Get a job in Corvallis
Meet fundraising goal for Thailand
Start planning another trip
Pass my AP Gov’t exam
Pass my AP Physics exam
Learn cup song/beat together
Learn one other cool trick
Learn and perfect one dish
Read all the Shakespeare plays


Compliment at least 3 people every day
Do yoga at least once a week
Drink more water!
Keep room clean
Help out more around the house- laundry, dishes, sweeping
Keep in touch with people
Filter!  Check the honesty.
Burn the damn ships (commit)
Follow through on projects (QUIT QUITTING)
Stop analyzing the past!

Most of these are pretty self-explanatory; however, I feel that a note regarding the ships is in order: I read this story about Cortes, the Spanish conquistador, who ordered his troops to burn all of their ships when they arrived in the New World.  Apparently this forced them to be motivated to find shelter and food and explore.  While I absolutely DO NOT condone the fact that he went on to slaughter thousands of native people, I like the philosophy of "burning the ships," because it is a way of making yourself focus on the task at hand, without that option of turning back.

Other versions of this: Tightrope walkers used to sometimes remove the catching net so they had no other option but to get across.  Without the net, they had no guaranteed safety. Scary, but true.  Also, in Premium Rush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character ripped the brake off his bike so he could never rely on it.  He HAD to figure out another way, and it ended up making him the best rider in Manhattan.  Of course, he ends up with four broken ribs and a fractured arm, but still.

Anyways.  That's my list! I'm excited to see how this format of NYRs works for me :)

Happy New Year!

~From Lily With Love~

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