Friday, September 12, 2014

21 Goals Before I Turn 21

  1. Grow my blog to 1,000 monthly readers
  2. Start making money from my blog (Once #1 is complete, I will make this a concrete number)

  1. Save at least $1000 total for retirement (hey, the sooner you get started, the better!)
  2. Increase the amount I put into retirement each month to $50
  3. Expand my emergency savings fund to $1000
  4. Get a mutual fund (I need to do more research on this…)
  5. Be financially independent (this may not be all that realistic, but hey, why not try?)
  6. Save enough money to travel to Europe
  7. Pay my outstanding tuition bill down to $0
  8. Have a student loan repayment schedule in place

  1. Get published in a scientific journal
  2. Raise my cumulative GPA to 3.85
  3. Get a 4.0 at least one term
  4. Be 75% finished with my thesis
  5. Complete my Medical Humanities Certificate

  1. Know how to cook 21 meals
  2. Learn to play another instrument
  3. Start a business (I have plans, man)
  4. Improve my Spanish speaking to conversation-level
  5. Live alone for a year
  6. Find flute lessons

What are your goals for the next year or two?

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