Thursday, May 16, 2013

East Trip, Part I

Round One!

The library at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore, MD.  Amazing! Floor-to-ceiling stacks upon stacks upon rows upon rows of books...Nothing more recent than the 1920's/
This is a super-awesome book from ancient times (written by, I believe, the Germans?), documenting the history of the world up until the 1500's, when they believe the world would end (I think that's the century where it stopped).  The coolest part is that they left seven blank pages at the end for us to record our history.
Can I just have this ring, please?  This was a really fascinating museum, with something to interest everybody!
Part of the museum's collection of preserved insects.  Pretty!
Because why not have a taxidermied alligator?
The Poe grave.  It was weird because it's almost part of the University of Baltimore.  You're just strolling along through the city, and then BAM! you're in a graveyard.

There is so much street art in Balitmore!  Like on random walls and sides of houses and everywhere.  And it's really well done, too.  Lotsa culture.
This is the ghetto.  Bellingham stopped us here and announced, "We probably shouldn't go any further.  We're getting into gang territory."  I felt safe.
A human Liberty Bell.
My first glimpse of NYC and the Statue of Liberty!
Grabbing life (or the stock market) by the balls!  Wall Street bull.  Maybe I'll end up being rich because of this.

This group of Chinese people was prosyletizing near Wall Street.  Like loud, aggressive, borderline angry, very musical condemnation.  It was quite intimidating, and while I'm not religious, I don't think Jesus was so aggressive and guilt-trip-happy...This like six-year-old kid tried to pass out flyers to our whole group, and said, "Jesus is the Lord" with every single one.  I felt incredibly uncomfortable, but had to take a picture to make sure I hadn't imagined it.
The real-life Tiffany & Co.!!  I felt rich just being near it.
One of my favorite things on the whole trip.  This slogan was carved in stone on the side of a shoe outlet.  At least they're honest!  I love these people.
Where the magic happens.
I would totally go see this musical!  Just for the name.  Seriously.
So that's Part I.  It was exhausting, but awesome!  I probably wouldn't go back to some of these places, but I would love to go back to the cities I liked and spend time doing the things that I want to do, go to the places I want to go to, and see the things I want to see.  And just generally get lost and familiar with the city, because that's how I roll.  I felt like a tourist for the whole trip, when I would much rather have been a traveller.  Big difference.  But still a great trip!
~From Lily With Love~

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