Monday, May 20, 2013

Challenges: The Successes vs The Failures

In January, I posted about a year's worth of monthly challenges I was setting for myself in lieu of traditional NYE resolutions that fade/become irrelevant after a few days.  I posted on my progress on the January challenge, but haven't posted anything since then about any of the other challenges!  Mainly because I've been so busy...Anyways, here's the lowdown on the successes and failures:

January: success!  Read about it here.

February: failure.  I managed to maintain a routine of twice-a-week yoga for the first two weeks, then only practiced it once the third week, and completely quit the fourth week.  And I haven't done yoga since then.

March: failure.  Although can I consider it losing if I didn't even begin the challenge?  I just couldn't make time to read!  The time was there, but I couldn't seem to make space in my schedule for it (does that make sense?).

April: success!  I cheated once at the OSU Spring Preview- I mixed a bit of coffee with some hot chocolate.  But aside from that, I didn't drink coffee the entire month!  So I'm counting it as a success.

May: failure.  The month isn't even over and I've already failed.  I actually forgot that I had a challenge to do, and by the time I realized that it was cutting as much processed sugar out of my diet as possible, I had already eaten a ton of it.  I tried for like two days, then went back to my normal eating habits.

I have yet to reward myself for either January (facial) or April (nice large cup of fancy coffee), since I am trying to save every penny for my traveling, but I am keeping track of which things I have "won."  As for the failures, I will try them again at some point, and if I fail at them again, I will try again!

~From Lily With Love~

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