Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rant: Things I Can't Stand

-People who pull out in front of you even though there were NO CARS BEHIND YOU, and then drive 15 under the speed limit.
-People who tailgate you even though you're driving above the SL.
-People who change lanes recklessly, even though doing so only gets them ONE CAR LENGTH ahead.
-When there's something poking you inside your sock, but you can't find it every time you take it off.
-Wanting to wear ONE thing, and it's dirty.
-When people stop in the MIDDLE of the hallway to hug/kiss/talk/kick other people.
-Finding out a 4 inch puddle has formed around your car during school, and your shoes aren't waterproof.
-When there's something totally adorable at the store, but there's none in your size! Grr.
-When people twist around my words.  One of my teachers does this ALL THE TIME.
-Being given a test on something you haven't been taught.
-People that say f*** after every other word, particularly freshmen, although this applies to everyone.  The amount of curse words you use is not proportional to your coolness.  So shut up.
-Tearing a nail.
-Getting white dog hair on black clothing and not being able to get it off.
-Being cut by NINE people in the snack bar line, having to wait 25 minutes to buy ONE THING, and then getting to the window to find out someone just took the last thing I wanted.  I'm not an idiot, people.  I saw that.
-Being out of yogurt.
-When you buy something, and then someone else buys the same thing, and they wear it first, even though you know you bought it first, but now everyone thinks they bought it first.
-Arriving somewhere in the middle of a great song.
-The rain (right now, at least).
-Fog.  It's pretty on mountains, but it's dumb and inconvenient.  And unsafe.
-The word "facetious." It sounds like feces.
-The word "douchebag." It's a gross thing to call someone, it SOUNDS awful, and people use it wayyyyyyy too much.
-Having unmatched socks at the end of a load, even though you know you put PAIRS in the washer.
-People being praised for meaningless things.  Dumb people shouldn't be rewarded because the smart kids in class save their asses all the time.  Wake up.
-Homophobic people.  It's called EQUALITY, people.  That applies to people and their love, regardless of who it's for.  And their kids.  Do you know how many straight couples are shitty parents?  Gay couples actually WANT the kid, so they're more likely to treat the kid like children should be treated.  And people who don't realize that are idiotic.  I'm not saying you should watch, but be respectful of the fact the sometimes dudes love other dudes, and chicks love other chicks.  Get over it.
-Having to get out off the couch to get food, beverages, or blankets, even though you know you'll feel better once you have them.
-Animals needing in, then out, then in again, then out again, then in, then wanting in rooms, then out again.  SIT DOWN, SON.
-Lana from Smallville.  Kristin Kreuk is adorable, but she is a TERRIBLE ACTRESS.  STAHP TALKING, LANA.
-Hermione's eyebrows in Harry Potter.  I love Emma to death and back, but seriously with that.
-People that smoke cigarettes.  Just because you have a death wish DOES NOT mean everyone else does, too.  It's disgusting.  You're disgusting.
-Physics.  I hate things I suck at.
-Doing laundry and then having to FOLD all of it...Can't I just pick things out of the pile when I need them?
-When people butt into your conversation right in the middle of it, then make you tell the whole damn story again.  It's none of your freaking business!  If I wanted you to know, I would have included you at the beginning of story time.
-Kristen Stewart.  Enough said.

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  1. 1-4. Happens to me. All the time.
    6. Somebody gets me!
    11. Had a discussion with a couple friends about this a few days ago!
    17. Or having to leave in the middle of an amazing song.
    23. I had never actually thought of it that way. My opinion has (at least recently) been that it's not my life, and if what they do doesn't affect me, why should I care?
    25. I hate it when the little rat-dog of my house can't decide if she wants to be on or off the couch/my lap.
    31. I had to retell the same story four times earlier today.