Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I've Jumped on the Bandwagon

I've submitted to the Pinterest craze of glitter-fying your keys! It's easy, it's cheap, and it's pretty, 3 ingredients that make this project so appealing!  Super easy:

1) Apply Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol to a cotton ball, and clean both sides (I only cleaned the tops, where the glitter would go). I washed it with hand soap, rinsed it, and dried it off after I cleaned it.

*Note: I've only tried this on plain gold keys, nothing else.*

Here's my before:

Boring old key :( Defs needs some TLC!

2) Dab a bit of Elmer's Glue onto the top part, not where it goes into the door (common sense, right?), then used a Q-tip to spread it around evenly.  I spread my glue on the little loop part as well, but this is entirely optional.

3) Shake glitter onto both sides, making sure you get all the gluey bits.  Make sure to do this over a piece of paper, then shake the excess back into the container.  Waste not!

This is the glitter I used:

Sorry about the Creeptown expression...

I don't remember where I got this glitter, but it's a pretty finely ground formula. Regular (think like elementary grade) glitter will make your key much too rough and difficult to seal.  I picked gold since I had no other colors :/

4) I let my glue dry for about 10 minutes, but it really depends on how thick you applied the glue.  I'd say 10-20 minutes.

I used a cheap-o photo clip to clamp the key so it could dry:

(I never know what kind of expression is super unflattering/awkward, so I usually just make random/weird faces!)

5) After the glue is dry, apply a generous coat of CLEAR nail polish to both sides, making sure to carry the polish over a bit onto the un-glitter-fied part of the key.

6) After the polish dries, repeat #5 twice. (three total coats).


Much happier key!  (Weird face alert)

Also, every DIY project should be supplemented by chocolate.  I'm not really supposed to be eating these, since I'm making cookies with them tonight...But they're so delish!  Plus, there's no alternative forms of chocolate in the house.  Depressing.

Fall M&Ms! They're red and yellow and brown and burgundy, which is perfect for my fall mood :)


~From Lily With Love~

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