Monday, November 11, 2013

Life 2.0

College is cray cray.  Seriously.  It's been awhile since I've posted much about what's going down in my life, so here's the lowdown on the last 6 weeks or so:

The term is almost over (that happened fast!!), and while I feel that I have definitely learned things academically, there is so much that I haven't even started to understand about the process of college academics.  In other words, I am learning and understanding the information taught to me in classes, but I still have virtually no study habits, no scheduled homework time, very little work efficiency, little sense of how to properly prepare for tests, etc.  (Not bragging) I never really had to study in high school, so there's no basis on which I can build and improve my study skills, because I have none!  Therefore, this has been me whenever I study:

And this:

Funny story: whenever I see pictures of college students studying, they always look like this: which I call BS, because what college student ever looks a) that happy and b) that well-rested and gorgeous??  I mos def do NOT.

My roommate and I get along grandly, which is wonderful.  A lot of people are civil with their roommates, but aren't good friends with them, so I consider myself lucky!  We have yet to run into any issues, so that's one less thing I have to be stressed about.

I rushed!! I joined Sigma Kappa, and it has been absolutely incredible.  I found a group of girls who love me for who I am and around whom I can be myself completely.  We watched The Sound of Music and sang along and made fun of various parts and had froyo last Friday night, and it was just so much fun!  I love being a part of such an amazing and supportive community of women.  Promotion: we just had our First Annual Sigma Royale, which is a black-tie casino night that supports the Sigma Kappa Foundation.  The proceeds go to supporting philanthropies like the Alzheimer's Association, so if you should all come next year!  It was hugely successful for a first year event, and we have high hopes that it will grow tremendously in years to come.

^^Me looking all fancy pants and hot

^^My friend Julie and I looking smashing!

This week is Big/Little Week! So I get cutesy decorations and notes and such and find out who my big sister in the house is!  The waiting is killing me.  But it'll be so worth it!  I'm so excited!!

Also, I have an appointment with a professor who conducts waste-water bioremediation research tomorrow to learn more about what he does and potentially get involved in his lab!  The research opportunities here are endless and incredibly fascinating!  I can't wait to be a part of this research!

Except, obvi, I'm not a man.

Summary:  Life is awesome, but it is difficult to not see my mom and boyfriend nearly as often as I would like, especially after seeing them almost every day for so long!  But winter break is right around the corner, and before I know it, the year will have flown by and it will be summer!  College is every bit as exhilarating and stressful and amazing as I had imagined!

~From Lily With Love~

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