Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Pinterest Day

WARNING: This is some girly sh*t right here.  Just FYI.

I had a decidedly Pinterest-inspired day.  I had to work Father's Day brunch, and I decided I would get all dolled up since it was a holiday.  Just because.  And although I don't have a picture of my result, I did this business with my eyes:

link to Pinterest pin HERE.
Except with less blueness, and more of a goldenness on the outside.  I looked hot.
This was the hair inspiration:
Link to Pinterest pin HERE.
Annnnnnd my result:
I think it looked fab.  The middle chunk was a bit too chunky, but I have a lot of hair, mmkay?
I even felt a bit crafty, so I decided on a simple but cute project that I could do without needing to gather too many supplies: colorizing bobby pins!
Link to Pinterest pin HERE.
And no, they are not upside-down! That is actually the correct way to wear a bobby pin.  Enlighten thyself here.  Anyhow, snapshots of my endeavor:

I liked the gold ones so much that I ended up making 5 extras!  Mwahaha.
And finally, instant Greek frozen yogurt:
Link to Pinterst pin HERE.
Which turned into:

I admit that my rendition was less vibrant, but I used strawberries instead of raspberries, and lacked a fancypants cup.  But it was delicious.  And yes, that is Friends in the background.  Don't judge.
~From Lily With Love~

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